2017 Night Race in Busan — Get Fit, Get Lit

2017 Busan Night Race

With summer just around the corner, it’s safe to say that the peak of Korea’s marathon season is at a close..that is, until fall rolls around and cools off the trails. With famously hot summers, it’s no surprise that most marathoners take a rest during these next few months. However, there’s one race still in full swing come August and it ain’t just any old jaunt around a track. No, the 2017 Night Race in Busan is a 7-km run across the beautifully-lit Gwangalli Bridge, ending with an intense EDM party on the other side. Think of it as your chance to get fit and, uh, then get lit.

Registration for the run opened on May 29th and closes after the first 10,000 participants register. Registration fees run 30,000 KRW and include receiving your racing number as well as a free t-shirt. We just hope they pass out glo-sticks too at the end. And maybe some glow-in-the-dark Gatorade too (is that even a thing yet?).

Every fall, Busan also hosts the Busan International Ocean Marathon, which is another great way to get to run across the gorgeous Gwangalli Bridge…but, let’s face it, it’s during the morning with a crowd far too serious. Which sounds better to you: running a half marathon and getting a high five from a giddy high-school girl earning her volunteer work or running 7-km and finishing it off with a rave? We thought so.

2017 Busan Night Race

Busan beach summer nights are infamous already and we like the direction this one is heading. The 2017 Night Race in Busan kicks off at 9:30pm which gives you plenty of time to get across the bridge and to BEXCO, site of the EDM party which gets underway at 11:30pm.

Registration is simple. Click here to register. Scroll down to the bottom to agree to all the legal talk and waivers you’ll consent to. Then click the red button on the left (개인참가신청) to register only yourself, or the yellow button on the right (단체참가신청) on the right to register a group. The following page will be in both English and Korean, so we think you can take care of it from there. Then just make sure you transfer the registration fee of 30,000 KRW to the proper bank account and you are signed up! Oh yeah, and this is only open to participants over 19 years of age.

Going to the 2017 Night Race in Busan? Make sure to tag #getfitkorea when you upload so we can see what an awesome time you’re having! Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this kind of race and we look forward to seeing you get fit … and lit!


~Get Fit Korea