D.C. Seo – From Bar Owner to Bodybuilder

Much of Korean culture revolves around the relationship between ages of any given individuals. Meet someone for the first time, and they are bound to quickly establish who is the elder early on. So, when you first meet D.C. Seo, you might not quite believe him when he tells you his age. “I’m 47 years old,” he tells us. We settle into our chairs and let him speak. This is a man who has a story to tell.

“When I was 21, I moved to the States… California, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.,” he says proudly. Nope. The name D.C. has nothing to do with his time living in the United States. His real name is Dong Chul, but he’s gone by D.C. ever since a young man. Following his dream as a professional dancer for musicians and engulfed in the entertainment world, D.C. spent considerable time in the spotlight during his twenties and thirties.

He made his way to Australia as well, settling in New Castle for a period of time. However, he ended up returning to Korea to start his own business. DC’s Bar was located right behind Sinsa Station in Seoul’s posh Gangnam district. Sinsa-dong itself is a bustling center of “see and be seen” culture with trendy restaurants, cafes, and fashion boutiques. It was a perfect place (other than, perhaps, Itaewon D.C. admits) to set up his bar.

Korean bodybuilder DC Seo Korean bodybuilder DC Seo

For D.C., the party life was in high gear. Party-goers, Korean celebrities, international models and the like soon found D.C. to be a wonderfully personal and likable bar manager. However, D.C. admits: “The business wasn’t really going well. It wasn’t much of a success because I like people. I like my friends. So, when people came, I gave them all free drinks. That was my problem. But, it was a good thing because I made a lot of good, international friends.”

After closing the club in 2016, D.C. turned his focus to weightlifting and body building. “I wanted to work out. I wanted a healthy life. I want to be strong, healthy, and good looking! So, I’ve been building muscle for about 6-7 months now.” D.C.’s morning workout is just that … a morning workout. Get Fit Korea joined him on one of his morning routines which starts at 4:30am and a short, 5-minute motorcycle ride to his Crossfit gym.

“I’m not an athlete. I was thinking about competing but I think I’m not ready yet. Now, I wanna build more muscle. I wanna be muscular. I wanna be big. But, still have a good shape. This is my goal,” he says.

Korean Bodybuilder DC Seo


D.C. makes sure to workout for at least an hour each day, moving around his gym like a seasoned professional. Many of us have our own reasons for working out and building a better body. D.C. tunes into the mental connection for his motivation. “Working out always makes me positive. When I come to this place, to this room, and I work out. I make sure I focus and make myself sweaty.”

We are pleased, here at Get Fit Korea, to feature D.C. and follow him on his body building journey through our Youtube Channel. You can check out D.C.’s playlist here and leave a comment of support!

D.C. also has a growing Instagram following which you can find here.

We wish D.C. the best of luck in his fitness journey and are eager to see his results in the future!


~Get Fit Korea