FitBase CEO’s Typical Day of Healthy Eating in Korea


Eating healthy in South Korea is becoming more and more common among Koreans and expats alike. While the Korean culture of late night eating and drinking is common here, keeping to healthy meals in the kitchen is still key for those of us maintaining our fitness and health goals. But, how can you cook healthy food in Korea as an expat living here?

Maybe you remember me. My name is Mark and I’m the CEO of FitBase. I used to weigh 120 kilos (264lbs), and got down to 90 kilos (198lbs) through healthy eating and exercise. To get into shape, eating right is the most difficult part.

All ingredients can be found at most local Korean supermarkets. Personally, I pick up my protein from iherb and the oatmeal from my local Costco.




So what does a typical day of eating look like for me? I start off with oatmeal in the morning, but not prepared in the typical way. I weigh it out, add a scoop of protein powder, and some water. Yep, not milk, but water. The protein powder gives it the taste it needs, and the nutrients my body craves.




For lunch I go full out Korean: brown rice with tuna, mixed with some gochujang (red pepper paste), gochugaru (red pepper flakes), and a little bit of sesame oil. Canned tuna is a great source of protein, especially if you can find them in brine, instead of oil. Top it off with an egg, raw bell pepper on the side (or sometimes a spinach salad!), and you have a great lunch.




For dinner I make healthy wraps, comprised of chicken breast, spinach, and egg, all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. A quick and nutritious meal, made in under 10 minutes.




Just before bed I finish off my day of eating with some Greek yogurt, mixed with a little bit of protein powder. Why before bed? Mommy always said that wasn’t healthy! Well it turns out that when you take protein just before going to sleep you maximize muscle gains because you’re providing the amino acids that are needed for repair and growth.

So that’s it! I don’t eat the same thing every day though, but mix up the meals with different veggies and protein. And I make sure it is completely balanced every day!  Below is the nutritional information of this day of eating. It is custom made to my body’s wants, needs and goals.


Korean Macronutrients

Korean Macronutrients


Are you interested in a custom meal plan for yourself to achieve your goals? Like losing weight or gaining muscle? Send me an e-mail at and let the FitBase team help you!


~~Mark Balneger