Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours – 99bpm Power Pump Beat

KPOP Exercise Playlist

KPOP Exercise Playlist

Here at Get Fit Korea, we understand the importance of getting a solid pump at the gym and finding the zone when cycling in the Korean countryside. The right music can sometimes make or break any workout. So, we’d like to introduce Beats, a monthly installment showcasing our favorite KPOP hits that have beats sure to push you through your final few reps or help you get over that hill.

Our first selection for Beats is the recently released Girl’s Day single “I’ll Be Yours” a popping, jazzy spring hit with a few great bass drops and charge. “I’ll Be Yours” clocks in at 3:14 and has 99 beats per minute, perfectly syncing up with any other track in your exercise playlist. While we love the horn play at the beginning, it’s not until the bell rings at the 00:48 second mark that gets us reveling in our pump. The video showcases an awesome boxing theme which goes to show you that this song belongs in the gym.

And while we love the original, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that Areia’s remix of “I’ll Be Yours” has found a spot in our playlist as well. In fact, quite of few of their remixes make their rounds through our earbuds and if you haven’t yet heard their masterful remix of this great song, have a listen now:

Whether the original, or the remix, we hope that Girl’s Day “I’ll Be Yours” finds its way into your KPOP exercise playlist.

Let us know what else is in your playlist in the comments below!