Korean Ajumma Protein Bar Taste Testing

Last week, our friends Kevin and Yejin strolled around a local park in Seoul trying to find random folks to do a quick taste test between Combat Crunch’s Cookies and Cream and Quest Nutrition’s Cookies and Cream protein bars. Both bars do the job in satisfying sugar cravings (Quest has less sugar, just 1 gram, while Combat packs about 5 grams of sugar per bar).

Check out our video above to see what ordinary Korean men and women (as well as some cool kids) thought of this imported supplement bars. Normally, we like to order our bars from either Monster Mart or Health Korea US. Both online retailers ship hassle free (think, no worries with Korean customs in Incheon) and very fast. Typical orders reach us in a week or less.

Have you tried Combat Crunch or Quest bars? Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


~ Get Fit Korea