MonsterMart – Korea’s One-Stop Shop for US Health Supplements

Korean Health Supplements

Korean Health Supplements

For any of you shopping for health supplements in Korea, we understand the dilemma. You can either pick through the meager selection at your local Costco or chance purchasing a wildly over-priced tub of whey protein from a neighborhood health supplement mart. This is where MonsterMart comes in.

Operating out of Ridgefield, New Jersey, MonsterMart is an exclusive health and dietary supplement company which ships smoothly and conveniently to customers in South Korea. That’s right. You can order nearly any kind of US gym supplement and have it shipped right to your door in South Korea. Orders placed with MonsterMart generally ship out the following day and due to their expertise with Korean customs in Incheon, their packages fly through the process. Most packages arrive about 7 days after the order is placed. That’s fast.

So, what does MonsterMart have on its menu? They offer a wide variety of vitamins, broken into categories for men and women as well as children. For the gym, they have pre-workouts, post-workouts, powdered proteins, amino acids, and anabolic enhancers that can help your recovery such as creatine. They also offer the usual array of fat burners, appetite suppressors, and women’s dietary products. In addition to consumable products, they also have a line of fitness gear and apparel.

Korean Health Supplements

So, shipping costs must be through the roof, right? Not at all. Four dollars. Four bucks. $4. That’s it. Here at Get Fit Korea, we love ordering supplements this way. Getting the package in the mail feels like Christmas each time and we feel it sure beats the other local options by a long shot.

What are you waiting for? Give your local Korean Costco the proverbial finger and tell ’em you ain’t gonna settle for their chalky protein powders any more. Stop by MonsterMart for a perusal and we’re sure you’ll be reveling in the joys of early Christmas packages like us soon!

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