The Tens – Han River Summer Cardio Routine

Ready for a truly brutal cardio routine to help get you shredded for summer? Get Fit Korea’s resident fitness slave, Sam, introduces you to a workout he created called “The Tens”. The Tens is a deceivingly hard workout. At first glance the exercises and the reps don’t appear to be that difficult. The Tens gets its name from the fact that you’ll be doing 10 sets and 10 reps from a select variety of exercises. For the first minute, it starts out slow, but it will ramp up very quickly. There is absolutely no rest, so endurance is key.

Outdoor Summer Cardio Workout

In the video above, Sam performs The Tens from the banks of the Han River in Seoul. We feel that this landscape provides an ideal environment for such a routine as the jogging path along the river is so long. However, The Tens can be performed anywhere where you can run for 1-minute intervals and drop into a sudden series of body weight exercises. Most major Korean cities have a river with similar jogging paths next to them.

Here’s the workout:

Run ( 9 x 1 min ) / Sprint ( 1 x 1 min )
Push-ups ( 5 x 10 ) / Commandos ( 5 x 10 )
Mountain Climbers ( 10 x 10 )
Jump Squats ( 10 x 10 )
High Knees ( 10 x 10 )
Burpees ( 10 x 10 )

1. Start out with a 1 minute run.

2. Stop and do 10 reps of each of the following exercises: Push-ups, Mountain Climbers, Jump Squats,          High Knees, and Burpees for a total of 50 reps.

3. Continue this for 10 sets, stopping each time after a 1 minute run.

After you’ve done 5 sets of 10 Push-ups, switch to Commandos
After you’ve done 9 minutes of running, burn yourself out with 1 minute of sprinting. This last part will really exhaust you. Make sure you have plenty of water at hand to help yourself recover.

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~Get Fit Korea