TLX Pass — Finding a Gym in Korea

Gyms in Korea

Gyms in Korea

Looking for a gym in Korea? Maybe you’re new here or maybe you’ve been around for a bit but you’re looking to change up your gym. Not sure where to look? Think maybe the mega gym down the street is too expensive to commit to a 3-month membership right away? Or perhaps you’ve got an itch to make the move from your spinning class to yoga or from yoga to pilates. If you’re looking for an adjustment in your Korean gym workout, then look no further than the TLX Pass app.

Started in 2008, TLX Pass has been helping locals (think your run-of-the-mill police officers, government workers, and office desk jockeys) squeeze some gym time into their already busy schedules. And while the app is still only in Korean, it’s uses and features are so easy to use you’ll have to find a better excuse not to install it.

TLX Pass works like this:

  1. Download the free app and sign up (via Facebook, Kakao, Naver, or sign up old-school style with a unique username/password).
  2. Enter in your location.
  3. Pay for a membership package (packages range from 29,990 KRW for 7 gym visits to 899,990 KRW for an annual pass of 240 gym visits).
  4. Select a gym or fitness center near you (options are broken into easy categories using very user-friendly graphics for those unskilled in Korean, such as: weightlifting, yoga, golf, pilates, swimming, squash, spinning, Crossfit, massage, etc.)
  5. Once you commit to your choice, the app sends a notice to the gym and they will be expecting you. It deducts a credit (sometimes 1.5 credits and sometimes 2 credits depending on the gym) and you get a daily pass to check out the new place! Easy, right?


Gyms in Korea

For around 30,000 KRW, you get monthly access to possibly 7 different gyms in South Korea. That breaks down to about 4,200 KRW per daily visit. This might seem steep, but remember, this app is mostly intended for those looking to change up their routine from time to time or explore something new. Here at Get Fit Korea, we like to use the TLX Pass in addition to our regular gym memberships. It provides us with a nice variation for weekend workouts or what might otherwise be used as “rest days” for our regular gym. The TLX Pass Korea is not intended to supplement a normal, full gym membership as the cheapest package only grants 7 visits per month. This may be troublesome for someone looking to hit the gym daily. Also, be aware that the visits don’t roll over from month to month. So, it’s use it or lose it, folks!

As of this writing, TLX Pass has over 3,200 participating health and fitness centers scattered throughout Korea. That means that pretty much every city in Korea will have a few options. Heck, even the countryside villages may have a participating club or two! They boast nearly 190,000 members nationwide which goes to show that this isn’t a market that is dying off anytime soon.

Here at Get Fit Korea, we found a great video explaining how to use the app in English. Just check out this link if you’re having troubles using TLX Pass. Need any additional help in using the app or questions about it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

TLX Pass is available for both Android at the Google Play Store and in Apple’s AppStore. Both versions are free to download but will require paid membership to use. So, is it worth 4,200 KRW per pop to try out seven new gym and fitness centers in your Korean neighborhood? We thought so too! We’ll see you there!